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Reusable Safety Razor

Reusable Safety Razor

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This reusable razor is designed to be minimalist yet beautifully efficient. Its single stainless steel blade provides the most luxurious and sophisticated shaving experience, while respecting both your skin and the earth.

  • A single blade for an irritation and ingrown-free shave.
  • A strongly curved blade with minimal exposure sits close to the razor head, offering a low aggressiveness level while maintaining efficiency.
  • A long handle reaches all parts of the body.
  • A finely chiseled handle provides a good grip when shaving with wet hands.
  • A closed comb offers excellent protection against cuts and ensures easy glide over your skin.
  • A heavy weight and perfect balance allow it to effortlessly slide over your skin; gravity does the rest of the work.
  • A modern and elegantly sleek design.

Safety Razor works on all parts of the body (beard, legs, underarms, bikini line, etc.) and is unisex.

Works with universal double-edged blades. Refill available here.



  • Brass and zinc alloy handle.
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 3.5oz
  • Compatible with all universal "double-edged" blades.
  • Comes with a double-edged blade, lasting about 5-10 shaves.


To fit or change the blade: Unscrew the handle from the head by turning it counter-clockwise. Insert the blade between the two parts forming the head and screw it back together. Once tightened, you will see that the blade is curved: this is what allows a less aggressive shave.

To shave: preferably wait until after your shower, when the skin and hair have softened. Apply shaving cream, soap or oil. Shave with short strokes while holding the razor at a 30° angle. If you are new to the safety razor, we advise you to apply absolutely no pressure, using only the weight of the razor. You will learn as you go how much pressure you can apply to get the perfect shave.

After shaving: pat your skin dry, rinse the razor under running water (with a little soap if you prefer) and leave it to dry in a dry place. It is important to clean off all traces of soap/hair/skin to protect the metal. Avoid leaving a blade inside for an extended period to prevent oxidation.

Care Instructions: Rinse the inside and outside of your razor thoroughly after each shave to remove all traces of soap and hair. We recommend that you keep your razor disassembled between uses. Avoid leaving a dirty or wet blade inside your shaver as this will cause the blade to oxidise.

A safety razor can last a very long time if it is well maintained. This does not mean that it will survive all drops, knocks and misuse.


Delivered in a recycled/recyclable kraft paper box.

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